Mission Statement

Many charitable organizations and large corporations have a strong commitment to social change, but their initiatives go unnoticed. The focus of ARC is to help raise awareness of those who make a positive impact on society by using storytelling and social media.

Arc Institute aims to assist organizations with their philanthropic goals and their social responsibility mandate by telling stories through cinema and by helping illuminate the human question "Why are we here?"

ARC enables the creation of unique pieces of art that provides an exciting new avenue for raising awareness as well as funds.

The Arc Initiatives

2012 AIDS Walk Los Angeles

ARC Institute had the pleasure of creating a promotional video for the 2012 AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Surrounded by volunteers, staff, walkers, and team leaders, we were moved as they each shared why “I Walk”. This profound and moving experience was also a day filled with love, laughter, and most of all, hope.

Indigo Love of Reading Foundation

Imagine the difference one call could make. Become a part of the joy being created by the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation as they grant 20 elementary schools across Canada 1.5 million dollars in books they so desperately need. For education and awareness this interactive campaign was designed in order to bring together and engage librarians, teachers, and faculty to facilitate conversation and innovation around literacy issues. The video series was used to communicate to Indigo's customers the need to donate to such an important cause and to create and enlist new stakeholders in helping end the literacy crisis in Canada.

Princess Margaret Hospital

Three cities across Canada band together on the Road to Conquer Cancer. This campaign, nationally broadcast during prime time and winner of the Charity Village Buzz Award, was created to encourage families, friends, and community members to join the conversation and become a part of the fundraising efforts so that we may see an end to cancer in our lifetime. In its inaugural year, the community of teams raised $2.4 million for cancer research for the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Canadian Cancer Society. Are you in?

How To Live Green

The "How to Live Green" video guide series offers advice, information, and ideas to help organize the community in an effort to live green. Working alongside Toronto mayor, David Miller, the Live Green Toronto organization was able to achieve a worldwide reach at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2010, with our video campaign receiving more press than the summit itself. Bringing this project to the internet helped groups across Toronto together to take on all kinds of projects to improve our local neighbourhoods and impact our community.

The Message in the Bottle

A unique and ground breaking social media initiative revolving around the issue our society faces in making responsible choices when alcohol is involved and the responsibility our communities and corporations hold in helping convey this message.

Ontario Fresh

If you are what you eat, it's important to know what you're eating. It's time to connect organic farmers with the consumers in the marketplace. Ontario Fresh offers that direct connection that has been missing and allows local business to thrive. By simply creating a profile, as you would on any social media outlet, growers and buyers are given the proper tool to search for specific foods, food safety systems, and have a better understanding and appreciation for the food they are bringing into their homes.


A social media initiative enrolling students through video storytelling asking questions and raising discussions around water behavior. The online WATERSKOOL community will be used to gain popularity in numbers to reach a critical mass to influence people as a voice in the global water discussion.

Surviving The Treatment: The Return of Myles McLellan

A documentary that dives into the core of the aftermath of childhood cancer. It is an intimate glimpse into one family's battle to regain their lives, and a brutal portrait of the social isolation experienced by children living with cancer.

The Long Journey Home

In a village that never knew sickness a boy is sent into the wilderness to find the cure to his illness. He returns from his great journey to a village that does not recognize him for the changes he has endured...

The Fool

The Fool begins at the end of a life-long relationship between a child who suddenly no longer believes that his imaginary friend, Anda the Clown, exists. In denial and unable to accept this sudden change, the devastated Anda attempts to remain close to a growing boy that no longer chooses to see him...

The Ponzi Scheme

When independent filmmaker, Billie Mintz discovers he lost his life savings as a victim of a Ponzi Scheme, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Hiring a Private Investigator in the town where the scheme was "allegedly" set up, Billie and his film crew go on a road trip to NY to track down Bradley Eisner, the man who stole over 200 million in one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes in America's history. Juxtaposed against the stories of victims who lost their homes and life savings in Vancouver, The Ponzi Scheme will educate the public about how the biggest scheme in North America works in defrauding people of millions, while entertaining viewers, showing that when you lose everything, you always still have your sense of humour.