I have known Billie Mintz for over 10 years and can tell you that he is in a league of his own and one of the best screenwriters and filmmakers I have come across. Billie's award winning film, The Long Journey Home, was a masterpiece that demonstrated his extraordinary ability for screenwriting, directing and producing. He is a singular talent and his creative genius is an inspiration. His coupling of film and social corporate responsibility makes him one of the most respectable and versatile individuals in the business.

Adam Simon

Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Flying Eye Pictures

In our efforts to create social awareness of the toxicity of cancer treatments, I had the opportunity to enroll the exceptional talents of Billie Mintz. He is renowned for his creative genius and incredible ability in engaging audiences in the Corporate Social Responsibility field. Billie’s expertise was an essential contribution to the Program in gaining new stakeholders for policy development and further research of less toxic ways to treat cancer.

Jamie Bras

The Robert and Maggie Bras & Family New Drug Development Program

I was privileged to nominate and award Billie Mintz with the honor Top Entrepreneur of the City of Toronto in 2008. It is significant that out of the hundreds of overwhelmingly qualified Entrepreneur nominees available, Billie was chosen as the singular “best of the best” amongst all of his gifted peers for his exceptional contribution to the production industry through his focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. The raw brilliance and rare charisma displayed in Mr. Mintz’s body of work are the hallmarks of those few able to lift themselves above mere competence and into the realm of genius.

Karen O'Donnel

Program Director

Centennial College, Toronto

I came to know Billie Mintz through his incredible work with the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation over the last 5 years. Billie has been a valued contributor to the Foundation as he has continued to lend his expertise in film making. Our 2011 Campaign to conquer cancer has been the most successful campaign for the cause and demonstrated what can happen when a brilliant mind and a great cause team up. Billie's commitment to excellence has always been apparent throughout our relationship and he never ceases to amaze audiences and colleagues alike with his world class talents.

Kevin Shea

Former EVP, Bell Global Media Inc

Former President/CEO, Global Television Network

I had the pleasure of working with Billie a few years ago on his internationally distributed, award winning film, The Ponzi Scheme. With knowledge of Billie's reputation and incredible talent, I was honored to provide testimonial regarding a financial scheme that I had fallen victim too. Billie's sheer genius coupled with his passion and perseverance enabled many investors to find some justice in a very unjust situation. Billie's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is exceeded by no other, and his use of film to further Corporate Social Responsibility is in a class of its own.

Ron Rivlin

CEO/Talent Booking Agent

Coast II Coast Entertainment

Some time ago I brought Mr. Mintz on board to consult on a number of issues surrounding my mentoring projects and create communication tools to effectively demonstrate how the program benefits the corporations I have worked with. Mr. Mintz is an expert in the CSR industry and a top of the line professional. He has received much recognition for his excellence and dedication to the industry, and continues to push the boundaries with his creative genius.

Dr. Mary Donohue

The Donohue Mentoring System