Billie Mintz has a creative talent that far outshines others in his field. The Message in a Bottle campaign that was generated for Molson Coors Canada was a driving force is our fight against drunk driving and one of the largest social media CSR campaigns that Molson Coors Canada has undertaken. Billie’s rare talent has enabled a corporate and societal reflection on Corporate and Social Responsibility and helped to coordinate stakeholders and start conversation.

Fergie Devins

Chief Public Affairs Officer

Molson Coors Canada

Known as an expert and renowned for his success in CSR, Billie Mintz was sought out by a large retail chain to help organize the CSR conversation between their stakeholders, employees and consumers. I was fortunate to be apart of the group that interacted with Billie Mintz on a regular basis during this project. He was instrumental in creating a much needed change in the fishing industry.*

Katrina Nakamura


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, Hawaii

*Billie has since been invited to teach a workshop on sustainable fisheries in Oahu this fall.

I was responsible for enlisting the top professional in the field to council and conduct a social awareness campaign, sponsored by the City of Toronto. Billie was an undeniable first choice and was highly responsible for the artistic and commercial success of the Green Toronto campaign. His extraordinary talent and vision helped to encourage constituents and institute significant changes to the environmental attitude in our city.

Mark Singh

Program Manager

City of Toronto

I enlisted Billie Mintz to educate Contac on how to invest the North American public in awareness of dealing with viruses and common colds, as well as work place protocol. The campaign required Contac to develop a video campaign, as well as a cell phone application. Billie Mintz's reputation as a leader in the video production industry far precedes him. It was because of his extraordinary talents that Contac felt certain Billie would produce a campaign that made a real impact in society and to our consumers. Billie's incredible passion and dedication to developing a high quality product has made him the best in the business.

Matthew Page

Contac Pharmaceutical

I have known Billie Mintz for 8 years and over the duration of that time he has proved to be a top caliber individual and a leader in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Video Production. Billie Mintz is credited with producing a video for The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation which was viewed by over 1 million people, and assisted in raising $2.4 million dollars for Cancer Research. Largely in part to the brilliance of this expert the video won a prestigious Charity Buzz Award and is now being utilized in a national campaign.

Paul Alofs


The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation