About ARC

Using his talents as an award winning film maker and renowned story teller, Billie Mintz founded Artists Raising Consciousness Inc (ARC Institute) in 1999. ARC was created as a social media advocacy agency, using film and story telling to foster participation from both online and offline users in an effort to create social change and philanthropy. As so many philanthropic initiatives go unnoticed, ARC is a bridge between ideas and your audience.

In addition to his work with ARC Institute, Billie owns and operates the boutique production and advertising agency, Imagin8r. Based in Venice, California, Billie has been able to continue working with clients in his hometown of Toronto, New York City, and Hawaii. As self proclaimed web scientists, Imagin8r uses state of the art equipment to document your journey and manage the production process as an extension of your team. Our intention is to create relevant stories that will engage and enlist your audience.


What does A. R .C sfor?

A.R.C stands for: Artists Raising Consciousness

What is ARC’s mission statement?

“The ARC Institute aims to assist organizations with their mandate using mythology and storytelling through film; and by helping bring attention and awareness to those groups or individuals that are making our world a better place. In addition, ARC challenges socially negative attitudes and replaces them with positive, socially responsible attitudes that can affect an individual's and a community's quality of life”

Who is ARC?

ARC is a leader and innovator in new media production pertaining to philanthropy with a vision to create awareness and passion for social change.

The company was created to advance the awareness of social issues through the creation of films tailored to a specific cause. The goal of these projects is to create new outlets for philanthropic progress; the individual pieces conveying the mandate of a given cause through non-traditional ‘storytelling’.

Billie Mintz (CEO) began ARC in 1999 to identify issues in our society that were not being addressed, by using storytelling as a tool to raise awareness. Through extensive research and contact with Foundations and Non Profit Organizations, a strategy was conceived and implemented where filmmakers will come together with corporations and charitable organizations on certain humanitarian issues to "help heal the community" through media and storytelling.

ARC is a self-reflective media company that documents its own evolution through web 2.0 applications such as Blogs and Video logs documenting our own involvement and education in the sectors that we work with. We document the works of various social innovators so they can learn from each other and collaborate ideas to further advance the nature of effective philanthropic giving.

What is an Advomentary film and how is it different from a documentary?

An Advomentary – which is what we call an advocacy documentary – is a film that advocates social responsibility for corporations and charities – Typically documentaries tell about a problem, rarely do they present a solution.   ARC doesn’t focus on the blame of an issue, it just documents those that are working towards finding solutions. Our goal is to tell the story of how these solutions raise consciousness and solve problems. A typical documentary movie is strictly informational and objective. The goal of an advomentary is primarily persuasive and is not intended to be objective. An advomentary IS NOT propaganda however, which is usually cynical and deceitful. Advomentaries are intended to be sincere interpretations of the facts.

How can ARC help you achieve your goals?

ARC tells the stories that corporations until now have been afraid to tell: Stories of their philanthropic efforts and corporate social responsibility. These stories must be told because they raise awareness, set a good example and they result in PROFIT for the corporations.

Filmmakers understand how to engage people emotionally. ARC helps corporations tell their stories in innovative ways to make companies stand out.

ARC has a history of making films and media projects dealing with philanthropic issues, a background in production management and a passion for storytelling to ensure delivering a project of both high quality We produce all online video content with special attention to the innovative approach of philanthropy that goes beyond simply donating money.

Consumers today are making more informed decisions about how they spend their money and a big factor in their decision is if they believe the corporation is doing their part to give back to the community.

We need people to be setting examples on how to give and to heal society. It takes money or it takes action and corporations can do this in the biggest way. ARC is here to team up with corporations to show the world what they are doing.